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Marketing Holiday Homes

Our marketing strategy is designed to maximise your occupancy rates and maximise your return…

You know that your holiday home is fantastic, our role is to spread the word to make sure other people know this and can enjoy your holiday home for themselves. Here at Cornish Escapes, we have a joined up approach to promoting your holiday home online. Our marketing effort is professionally managed by an expert outside agency and they co-ordinate our multi-pronged approach.


Cornish Escapes has its own website ( and your holiday home will have its own individual entry which will include descriptions, photographs, reservations calendar and an online reservation system.

Upon joining Cornish Escapes, we will work with you to develop your listing for the website and ensure that your holiday home is marketed effectively.  This will include bespoke photography and descriptive wording to best sell your holiday home.

Search Engine Optimisation

In order for to perform well organically online, we have an ongoing SEO strategy in place.  This is managed by our Marketing Team and is designed to improve the overall performance and ranking of our website.  This strategy is maintained and modified throughout the year, responding to content changes and Google algorithm updates.

Email Marketing

Each month an Electronic Direct Mail is published to our database of newsletter subscribers.  We love to share exciting updates, the arrival of new holiday homes and special offers.

The newsletters also often include our latest blogs.  We share at least one new blog on our website every month.  Blogs topics range from ‘Great days out in Cornwall’ to profiling specific locations and seasonal events.  The content is designed to be keyword rich to support the organic growth of the site.

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Social Media

Maintaining a presence on social media is a very important element for staying connected to existing guests.  It is also a fabulous opportunity to introduce Cornish Escapes to new clientele.

Due to the photographic nature of our location and holiday homes, Instagram is a natural go to for our brand and it remains the most popular social media channel for reaching our followers.  We also have a strong presence and following on Facebook.

We have a robust content plan in place to ensure a steady stream of relevant and engaging content.  This content is a mix of holiday home posts, reels and offers, along with location specific footage, regional events and interesting facts about Cornwall.  Performance of these platforms is regularly reviewed and modified in line with changing trends.

Digital Marketing

Maintaining a steady stream of guests to the website is key to ensuring those all-important holiday reservations.

Whilst traffic from organic searches will help to achieve this, it is critical to have digital marketing activity in place.  A substantial part of our marketing budget is dedicated to our digital marketing stream.  We run pay-per-click media throughout the year, with periods of more intensive activity and campaigns to support peak sales periods, for example school holidays.

During campaign periods, other digital marketing may also apply, such as programmatic and paid social media advertising.  These campaigns are meticulously planned and heavily targeted.  To date, they have generated conversion rates that exceed the industry standard.

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Press and Outdoor

We regularly promote Cornish Escapes in local press and regional publications.  We also book regular outdoor positions taking advantage of peak footfall to maintain visibility of the Cornish Escapes brand.

Booking Platform Partners

We also market each individual holiday home via select Online Travel Agents such as, Airbnb and VRBO to ensure access to the broadest range of potential guests.

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